8 Reasons Most Signs Will Probably Get Dumped By A Capricorn


There are several articles floating all over the internet right now on Capricorns. Being a Capricorn myself, I couldn’t help but resonate with several traits listed such as organized, hardworking, ambitious, honest, and no bullshit. We are visionaries and those who don’t fit into our plan usually get the boot. We don’t waste time and that mindset especially applies to relationships.

As a matter of fact, my most recent instance was dumping a guy one hour before his flight to see me. A little harsh? Perhaps. But when we know something isn’t working out, we don’t waste time.

Capricorns are fun-loving, generous, and loyal people who work hard to achieve their goals and develop their relationships further both personally and professionally. But if you get in their way, here’s why you won’t make the cut:

They are independent.
Everyone claims to work hard and play hard, but Capricorns give a shit more about simply working hard. They may end up blowing you off more than a few times when they’ve got a big project coming up, and if you can’t handle that, you probably aren’t a good fit.

They don’t show off.
Capricorns are humble. Given that they are dedicated to their work, they are usually the breadwinners, but they never gloat about their success and never show off how much money they have. If you catch a Capricorn out on a rare night, they’re not about popping bottles and buying shots for everyone. They simply want to enjoy their time and enjoy good company without the show.

They are planners.
Capricorns are very regimented people. They plan ahead of time because they are very goal-oriented and they stick to the plan. So when you decide to make a last minute plan with a Capricorn, you most likely will be shot down. If you don’t fit in the plan, you’re not part of it. Plan accordingly, or get out.

They’re really good at arguing.
Capricorns are level-headed people and they approach every problem with a system. If you try to put up a fight with a Capricorn, be prepared. They’re sharp and attack with logic and usually will outshine you. Despite being well-versed, they admit when they are at fault. Make sure you’re right before you put up a fight.

They are ambitious.
Capricorns work hard to succeed and are constantly setting new goals for themselves. They try to inspire others both in life and at work, and if you don’t have the same hunger in life that they do, their interest will run low. On to the next.

They take charge.
Capricorns are born natural leaders. They take charge and they do it well. Some people can't handle this as, they like to be control instead. Unless you have the more efficient and well-thought out plan, it won't work out in your favor. It's like fighting fire with fire.

They're unsentimental.
Some people love lavish gifts, overly expressive Facebook and Instagram shout outs, and love letters. Capricorns don't. They don't want to take 100 selfies together with their "bae", and they don't always express how they feel. But when they do it, they are genuine.

You didn't return the favor.
Capricorns are known to be generous, both romantically and intimately. They give because simply because they enjoy it. But if you take advantage of their generosity and never reciprocate, they’re going to catch on quickly. They are team players, and if you can’t return the favor, they’ll find someone else to please.

If you're looking someone who is fun-loving, determined, and to the point, a Capricorn is what you're looking for. But if you two aren't on the same page, get the fuck out.