It started with a joke.


There I was, at a showing of Fresh Off the Boat's season 2 premiere in San Francisco, listening to a panel of Asians discuss "Asians in the Media", and all I could think about was:

1. This shit better end soon because I've been wanting to binge watch Season 2 of Being Mary Jane all day.
2. Wouldn't it be hilarious to have a spin off of Being Mary Jane, called Being Mary Chang?...with me being Asian and all.

But let's not get carried away here, I'm not trying to create a show.

Mary Chang aka Christina Tolosa

2015 has been a year filled with sadness, reflection, and making impulsive decisions based on emotion instead of logic.  After my father suddenly passed away one week before Christmas last December, everything in my life seemed to be falling apart. I dreaded work every morning and found myself channeling my anger at work towards the people I love the most. Following a trip to Sedona with my mother in the summer (ridiculous story to come), I made the impulsive decision to quit my job with nothing lined up. All I knew was I was unhappy and I deserved more out of life than working 10-12 hours a day at a failing tech company. One week later I landed a role beyond my experience-level and pay grade, and 3 months later I am starting my first e-commerce business. 

I wanted more out of life, and I made it happen. Even though I'm just getting started, the most important thing I've learned from this year's struggle is that one should absolutely follow their gut. 

So after indulging in 2 partially read self-help books, going on a spirit walk led by a Shaman in Sedona, talking to a Juniper tree, and learning how to meditate, I find myself starting this blog today. And the closest thing to Being Mary Jane, is Being Mary Chang, an Asian Chick in her late 20's looking to share her life's experiences of trying to get by in the rat race of Silicon Valley.