Being Mary Chang is a lifestyle blog lightly inspired by BET's series, Being Mary Jane and is solely ran by myself, Christina Tolosa.

Initially, the idea started off as a satire to the show, providing my weekly finds of Mary Jane's outfits via cheap-o Chinese websites. But after reflecting further into what I wanted to share, the idea flourished into a blog about myself, a 26-year-old Filipina with absolutely no filter in her prose.

Aside from blogging about my life, I currently work for a tech company as an Alliance Manager, responsible for managing key partner relationships and strategies. As much as every Buzzfeed and Elite Daily listicle makes us believe that we should all up and quit our jobs to "do what makes us happy"; I ,on the contrary believe that it is imperative to find a career that enables our strengths, and focuses less on tasks that we find pointless. So with that said, I hope to share my experiences in life, love, and business with the world, and I promise to have no filter. 

Some Fun Facts:

  1. I have recently picked up the hobby of playing Magic the Gathering.
  2. My favorite music group is Hall & Oates.
  3. I love cats.
  4. I am originally from Oxnard, CA, lived in LA for 2 years, and moved to NorCal in 2011.